Highway Department

Highway Dept Logo202 West County Road 50 North, New Castle, IN 47362
Office Phone 765-529-4100
Fax Number 765-521-7064

Administrator, Joe Copeland, jcopeland@henrycounty.in.gov

Office Manager, Maria Landers, mlanders@henrycounty.in.gov

The Henry County Highway Department is committed to maintaining and improving the roads, right of ways and bridges of our county. Our aim is to keep the roads passable for all of the users of our road system. This system includes 800 miles of roadway and right of ways, 136 bridges and 7991 county signs. Henry County Highway responsibilities include:

Construction of bridges and roads
Chip and Seal Maintenance of Asphalt Roads
Maintenance of Bridges
Patching Potholes
Dura-Patching Potholes
Cleaning of Roadside Ditches
Removal of Trees and Brush from Roads and County Right-of-Way
Mowing County Right-of-Way
Grading of Gravel Roads
Installation of some Culverts under County Roads and in County Right-of-Way
Repair of Wash-Outs
Placement and Maintenance of Road Signs
Plowing snow
Sanding Roads
We issue permits for Road Cuts and Driveway Permits.

The revenue for the Henry County Highway Department comes from the Motor Vehicle Highway Fund (2014 - $3,028,309.00) Local Road and Street Fund (2014 - $414,126.65) and LOHUT-Wheel Tax (2014 - $932,724.51).

County Road Maintenane Schedule (2023)