Memorial Park

Reserving Buildings and Shelters

There is a charge for reservations (see below).

To reserve a building or shelter house, call (765) 529-1004.

Download the rules documents in Related Links.

You may pay for your reservation at the time you make it. However payments paid in advance are non-refundable.

 N/A - Some buildings and locations will be unavailable during construction and renovation periods.

Shelter Rental Prices
North Side Shelters Electricity  
Dr. Van Nuys No  
Henry Cheesick No  
Shively #2 Partial  
John Trout Full  
Chesher Full  
Russell Fort No  
Neal Reeves Full  
Jimmy Steele No  
North Shelter Full  
South 90 Shelters                               
Phillips Full  
Sanders No  
Jolley No  
Hupp Donovan No  
Smiley No  
Roberts No  
Shively #1 No  
Jewell No  
Keesling No  
McGrady No  


Prices for Rentals on Buildings and Grounds
Smith Building - Upstairs Only $200.00  
Large Shelter House $100.00  
Cabins $40.00  
Shelters without Electricity $25.00  
Shelters with partial electricity $30.00  
Shelters with full electricity


Amphi Theater $50.00  
Show Arena $170.00  
Hog Barn $170.00  
Rabbit Barn $95.00  
Cattle Barn $175.00  
Profit Making Groups and Auctions $200.00  
Sign Info $15.00  
PA System $15.00  
Move Stage $30.00  
Dividers $30.00  
Annex with Tarp & Fence $100.00  
Ball Diamond Lights $15.00  
Ball Tournaments $100.00  
Up to 150 $45.00  
151 to 250 $75.00  
251 and up $100.00  
Chairs Only    
First 150 $25.00  
Extra Table Each
10 or part
Security Ranger Fee $25.00   
Copies 10 cents a copy    
Return Check Charge $40.00  

 N/A - Some buildings and locations will be unavailable during constrcution and renovation periods.