SWMD Recycling




PLASTICS:  Only #1 and  #2 and  #3 Plastics.  Examples:  milk jugs, shampoo bottles, water bottles, water softener salt bags, etc.

GLASS:    Only Green, Brown and Clear.  Examples: pickle jars, spaghetti sauce jars, beer bottles, olive jars, etc.  Absolutely NO window glass as it has been treated and cannot be recycled.

METAL:  Metal, Bi-Metal Food and Aluminum cans.  Please rinse and make sure they are as free of food debris as possible.

PAPER:  Copy Paper, school paper, newspapers, telephone books, catalogs, magazines, junk mail, corrugated cardboard and paperboard (cereal boxes) and hard backed books (do not need to remove cover).



NO – Trash/Rubbish

NO – Building Materials of any kind

NO – Carpet

NO – incadescent light bulbs, ceramics, motor oil containers, anti-freeze containers, napkins, paper plates, paper towels, fascial tissues, toilet paper, cardboard pizza boxes w/food debris.

*All recyclables can be put in a bag or a box and dropped off at our public Recycling Sites.  There is no need to separate your recyclables.



New Castle: - South 25th & Broad Street (New Castle Transit Station) & 201 North 6th St (inside chain link enclosure)

Mt. Summit:  back of the Mt. Summit Park on the south side of lot/east of park

Middletown: Behind Municipal building on Locust Street.

Mooreland: Behind grocery store at corner of Mills Street & Cory Street

New Lisbon: Beside Fire Dept./Post Office at Wilbur Wright Rd and County Road 500 South

Springport:  Lot across from Post Office on South side of Main Street

Please be respectful of the sites and what is accepted and not accepted.  
This ensures that the sites will be available for future generations.  
Thank you for doing your part.